Term two

During this term I will be aiming to work with the objective of completing the game that I have selected within the final stages of Term one (To get to this area, use the options at the top of the web-page). This project is based around a board game and will be completed by myself as I am working as an individual.


This is the area in which I will hyperlink to allow smoother movement within the current terms pages. I will also plan it out with the main pages in the upper menu as a drop down option.

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Within this term I will be exploring further into the educational system to ensure that I can get this project to actually work within the functions that I am targeting it for.

Social media connection to the project:

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Also over this term I will be completing something known as Reflective Journal 3, this has to have connections towards my main term project, as to support and aid me to some form of degree. Another perk would be the visits from people within the industry, and or our own personal visits to game companies.  This is something I am keen on getting involved with, as connections are something that should be considered important and not abused – but appreciated.


Term One

This term we are to invest time in stages of process towards an end goal which would become into production as the final stage (term two), each stage is divided into a section of weeks to limit our time frame to aid us from any form of distractions. This was organised by our tutor to follow as much as possible.


Despite the reduction of one week, the results will be indicated and each week I shall reflect on myself and the work I produce, followed by a conclusion as to what I should do to improve what I had already done for the up and coming week.

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