With my artwork I have to take a series of things into consideration. The fact my main audience is going to be Key-Stage 2 students before anyone older, means that overall the colours shouldn’t be clashing, softer if possible, and avoid sharp edges to make the overall appeal rise towards the younger audience.

Creating and using a colour wheel would be a logical choice, and using said wheel of colour to create for example the board may also be a smart move to ensure that I can avoid said clashing colour tones as best as I physically can.

A few websites I have found that works well with coming up with complimentary colours, this may be something to use at a later date if possible.

1  .  2


The next step I am considered about would be the textures if all else fails. If an art piece has begun to stink in my opinion but works wonderful at everything else (Only thing hindering it being the colour pallets clashing) then I can consider applying textures onto it to try and get it to work out a bit better. This is something to look into at a possible later date.

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For this project I thought it would make sense to basically do a mild questionnaire to ensure that I was doing the right thing with the visual style. I wouldn’t be using the same one that was selected but I could collect and understanding of which would be best.

Only really one question if I am honest for the first one, but the second may cover the interest of which board design is best (colour wise), or which design is most appealing etc. This is something that I may not need to completely do but is something to consider doing, the more opinion I take into consideration the better, means I can hopefully improve my work for the better.

Having been thankful that from my previous project in year two, I have obtained permission from my course mate to use her brush pallet for this project. The brushes that I am planning on using are the following:


The sizes recorded on here aren’t currently set in stone, once I find an all around size that works, or a set of 3 sizes that cater for all visuals then it would work.

The main base ones used would be that of ‘Round Watercolour’, ‘Watercolour wash’, ‘MH 8B Brush 2 4’ and ‘Graphite 6’. The usage of the others are of single pieces or have a less use rather than for single purpose needs – example the cloud based ones are for cloud effects used on any of the designs.

Thankfully the brush file that my course mate has shared with me has a wide series of other options and have a decent amount of textures that I could work with also, meaning I can use it while doing other pieces.


Having visited a Greek island, and collected first hand research photos, I thought I would attempt to collect a series of colour palettes from the photos I have taken. To do this I have saved all my photos onto a memory stick and then used a website to pick out 5 colour tones from the image.


Screen example and a photo example of how it works.

First 6 colour selections are the following:

CP.1(Shown in Notebook 5, P115)

Second six selections are the following:


(Shown in Notebook 5, P116)