An educational board game based around Greek mythology, where the players are the six Gods and Goddesses born from the two Titans: Cronus and Rhea. You, the players are controlling and influencing the board while claiming cards and using them to your advantage. Claim your prayers and your heroes, because only so many can protect your power. Think not that you are safe because anything might happen when others begin to challenge your rule, even the chance of something unknown arriving to affect your control may arise.

Asset list:

  • Box  – X1
  • Inner container – X1
  • Card deck one – X47
  • Card deck two – X
  • Booklet – X1
  • Board – X1


Branding  .

Printing production:

Using the in-house printing service provided at the WSA campus, there is an interested in keeping it all within a close distance to ensure that if anything goes wrong that it can easily be fixed face to face rather than hoping and or shouting down the phone.

When visiting the service: Snow-White, this is the information that I had collected that would be relevant to the production and its time frame that I would have:

  • Box: Use flatbed printer and then fold to the shape required.
    • Pricing:
      • <A2 – £5.00
      • A2 – £6.00
      • A1 – £7.00
      • A0 – £10.00
    • Materials must be provided by myself, this service isn’t provided by the company.
  • Leaflet: Using a large format printing paper.
    • Material used for printing:
      • Matt Duo 10gsm
    • Pricing:
      • A4 – £0.75
      • A3 – £1.50
      • A2 – £3.00
      • A1 – £6.00
    • Materials would be provided by the company in this sense.
  • Inner box: Using the vacuum machine within the 3D department.
    • Would need a recap on how the machine would work, as well as to create the mold for it.
    • Chris Carter is supervising.
    • Material depending on which is selected depend son if needed to provide or not. White would be provided, any other colour would need to be bought.
  • Dates to note:
    • Laser cutting & Flatbed printing:
      • 08-05-2018
    • Large format paper prints:
      • 15-05-2018
    • Vacuum machine:
      • No real confirmed date, but advised that experienced members will be absent from building from 13-05-2018

It has been considered using other means of printing services, and I have spoken to one of the biggest board game providers in the UK; Asmodee, the gentleman that was in contact with us was called: Philip Hatch.

(Had been given his business card but it seems rude to share his information freely, so I am keeping it upon my person rather than showing it in any of my notebooks or websites).

Sound  .

This is connected to the interest towards a marketing video that may be in production at a later point when the physical board game has been completed.