With marketing, it makes sense to begin small and progress at a steady rate depending on the results of interest towards the product. This is in reference towards the main product, with smaller more simple tokens of marketing items such as tee-shirts as an example. This is something to look into for events.

Example, currently there has been an interest in marketing towards a shop within the Degree show. There is also that option of giving out free items towards professionals who may attend one or two of the two current shows.

These smaller items have been considered as the following:

  • Stickers:
    • Busts of the Gods/Goddess.
    • Symbols for both the Gods/Goddesses and Resources.
    • Logo/Title.
    • “Other”. *
      • Columns.
      • Food?
      • Coins.
      • Temples.
      • Vines.
      • Weapons.
      • Helmets.
      • Torches.
      • Shields.
      • Kylix
  • Bags:
    • Symbols for the resources.
    • Logo/Title.
  • Tee-shirts:
    • Logo/Title.

With the Stickers I have been recommended the following site:


With the tee-shirts I have been recommended the following site: