Phase 1

Phase one explained:

Phase one is the stem of the research phase, you will end up completing a selection process after you have produced a large number of options to pick from. To get these options are down to you but using an array of methods.


As we did something as a class to give an example, it would have been unwise to not use them as they aided with getting things done in a smooth manner. These methods had been based on Alan Watts talk “What do you desire” and we had been offered to invest time with the book by John Ingledew “How to have great ideas”.

Once you had your many options you had to refine it down into 20 things to do a minor amount of research into, before you had to chisel it down again into a selection of 4, these four you could research into more so than the 20 prior. Yet you had to select from the 20 minor research points rather than just a random point. This all prepares you for ‘Phase two’ in all of these stages.

Base research  .  Tier 2 research  .  Tier 3 research


(Notes are shown in Notebook 1, from page 19 onwards.)