The list of things that make me want to gain more knowledge, this will not cover everything but a selection, each are shown in my note book (some have actually been added on):

  • Pride
  • Disabilities
  • Proving that I am able
  • Proving to someone
  • Aiding others
  • Fear
  • Refraining from disappointing or embarrassing those around me
  • Memories
  • Options
  • Opinions
  • Consequences
  • Improve flaws
  • Historyprogress
  • Survival
  • Preparation
  • Progress
  • Recipes
  • Improvement
  • Corrections
  • The future
  • Effects
  • Panicking
  • Concern
  • Confrontation
  • Supporting someone, example: My nephew

I understand that this list is not as full as all the others, this is simply because this was something harder for me to consider and think about as it isn’t something someone would normally consider in most areas of their lives – in my opinion.



(Shown in Notebook 1, page 26)