Tier 2 research

From my many options in the subject lists I was selecting from, the ones I ended up picking were the ones I had either more interest in gaining more knowledge in or I had already a large amount of time previously invested in.

While actually selecting these I had not really put much thought into them other than what I had mentioned above, the other thing I realized that I was doing was skimming over the lists and the ones that had stood out dominantly would be ones I could consider also. I understand this could of been a poor method in my selection process but in the end it would be down to my personal self in my own choice as I was going to be putting a large amount of time into each one.

Please note that each page will not contain a large amount of information, only simple things and may not always contain links to which pages I had collected information from. Dominantly I was using things such as Google, Dictionary, Thesaurus.

Selected twenty:


(Shown in Notebook 1, page 28 – 86)