• A thing that is or may be chosen.
  • The power or right of choosing.
  • The act of choosing; choice.

Synonyms: Selection,election, choice, alternative, recourse, possibility, course of action, freedom of choice, power to choose, right to choose, bet.

An exclusive opportunity, usually for a limited period, to buy something at a future date: “He has a six-month option on the Canadian rights to this book.”

  • Options are the things and choices are our decisions. Options are fixed and choices aren’t.

Apparently having to many choices/options may make you unhappy. It becomes exhausting and ends up consuming us for a simple thing as a decision. Also known as a “Choice overload”.

“The level of certainty people have about their choices decreases. And the anticipation that they will regret their choices increases.”

Something that may be chosen; such as (examples):

  • An alternative course of action.
  • Didn’t have many options open.
  • An item that is offered in addition to or in place of standard equipment.
  • A sunroof is one of the options that you can get with the car.



(Shown in Notebook 1, page 80 – 81)