• To overcome completely in mind or feeling
  • Have a strong emotional effect on.
  • Bury or drown beneath a huge mess of something, especially water.
  • To overpower or overcome, especially with superior force; destroy; crush.
  • Complete defeat.


Crush, drub, overcome, total, bury, destroy, overthrow, rout, inundate, thrash, swamp, deluge, overflow, overrun, win, drown, submerge, defeat, massacre, overpower, whip, conquer, engulf, smother. Move, stir, affect, touch, impress, sweep someone off their feet, strike, stun, make emotional, dumbfound, shake, disturb, devastate, take aback, daze, spell bind, dazzle, floor, leave speechless, take someones breath away, stagger; (informal) Bowl over, blow away, knock/hit for six, knock sideways, blow someones mind, get to.

“She was overwhelmed by a sense of tragedy.”



(Shown in Notebook 1, pages 29 – 31).