• Sufficiently compact for use on a journey.
  • Make a journey, typically of some length.
  • (Of an object or radiation) Move, typically in a constant or predictable way. “Light travels faster than sound”.
  • To go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship; take a journey; trip.
  • To proceed or advance in any way.
  • To associate or consort: “He travels in a wealthy crowd.”
  • (Informal) To move with speed.
  • To pass, or be transmitted, as light or sound.
  • Journeys; Wanderings.
  • The coming and going of persons or conveyances along the way of passage; traffic.

Travail –> Travel.

Middle English; a variant of travail, and originally in the same sense.



(Shown in Notebook 1, page 51 – 52)