Tier 3 research

My tier three research wasn’t as much as I would of liked, completion wise, yet that doesn’t mean that I hadn’t put the time into the work ahead of this.

From my 20 single pieces of research I had refined down to 4 and continued slight more in depth research based on them. The reasoning for selecting these 4 had different meaning behind each.

Selected four:

Disabilities  .  Fungi  .  Peoples reactions  .  Consequences

Reasoning for each piece of selection for third level refined work:


For this subject, I take it rather personally simply because I am considered to fall under this category myself. That and most people around me in my personal life also fall under it also. As it is personal I can openly say that I notice a bit more in degree with its connections to gaming, that is while trying to avoid sounding prejudice or self-centred. You will hardly find games catered for those who have any of the many disabilities around. Meaning that even thought the games industry may be vast, has put a limitation upon itself for not catering for these people who would and most likely also would show interest in perusing these things we create within said gaming industry.

I do not mean that we don’t have any games at all that cater for those with disabilities, but I am saying that there are a few, unlike the many that have very little to no options of alterations to aid these specific group of players.

Though it can be said that some companies and games have begun showing progress in these areas of options, it is something that will indeed take time to fully put into play. Consider even releasing alternative versions, mods or DLC’s for people who have specific needs.

(Notes are shown in Notebook 2, pages 6 – 19)


If I would be completely honest when it came to this selection, I didn’t completely see much there that I could of played with that hadn’t to a degree already been also played with prior. The selection came down to my interest in the variety that there is actually out there when it came to this specific kingdom. When going through my research it was noted that:
“Estimated percentage of mushrooms bring poisionis is 20%, 1% being deadly, 1% is psychoactive and 78% are non-toxic.”
This estimation had drawn my interest towards the smaller more dangerous percentages as it seems like I could of had a more refined field of play when it comes to the workload. Example: I knew prior to this research of a fungi that consumed a living host, and would go around attacking (because it was being eaten alive) and infecting anothers by its corpse at the end. Ants being some of the main victums to this fungus because of their instincts to collect food.
With that example lingering in the back of my mind I considered the possabilities of what I could do if I confirmed any more indepth research.

(Notes are shown in Notebook 2, pages 20 – 29)

Peoples reactions:

This is something that I believe down the line interests everyone at un-notably most points in their lives, think about it. If your partner or sibling doesn’t like your gift you got them then you would be able to hopefully notice from the expressions they produce when it has been viewed for the first time. I was interested in this for something similar down the line. Each person has the base fundamentally shared expressions but down the line each are customised to our own person. This also comes into play depending on the situations you are also having each person experience, some react differently to others in each situation.
Example given: During violent movies with a large amount of gore going on, I tend to laugh and I mean laugh a lot at each thing, yet others around me will either laugh at the sheer amount of laughing (and I laugh oddly, rather evil sounding laugh if I am honest…) or they are having negative responses that they are unable to find humour behind my cackle.
It has been hinted, not confirmed, but hinted that over the last coming years the generations of current are easier to have negative responses to situations that previous generations would simply shrug off. That isn’t to say that this could be something different, in the meaning that past generations could of reacted badly to something that current generations are actually accepting towards.
This for some reason is increasingly interesting to me, also to be able to know what peoples reactions are towards what anyone who is creating create correct?

(Notes are shown in Notebook 2, pages 1 – 5)


This is a subject that I understood to be rather vast, but the options down the line should be endless because this refers to everything and anything and each aftermath of each things we do. Having yet considered the idea of having this as a main mechanic, I am interested in seeing just how vast this represents despite the sentence I have just mentioned above.
I apprieciate some of the quotes that I had read about the subject over the time I spent looking into it and I believe they maybe some of the main reasons for this selection rather than doing something I vastly have always enjoyed like Greek Gods. Guess i’m learning something new?
“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” – Proverbs 18:21
Depending on how I actually take this forward, depends on the results I believe I could get from it, that is though am I willing to take the risk of something more challenging than simply going for a theme rather than a situation.

(Notes are shown in Notebook 2, page 30)