With the research done on the selected topic of ‘consequences’, I have broken down each thing I did into a series of tasks and readings.

With this being so broad scope wise with the research I believe that I have to find a way to get it a level easier for me to even try to, so I came up with the idea of breaking it into main categories:

Action  . Words  .  Inherited  .  History


(Diagrams shown in Notebook 1, pages  100- 103)

Depending on what I uncovered from each of these depended on how wide I could allow myself to get to once more. This was something I could only consider doing if I had a sudden perk of interest in the branched topic.


Researched subjects:

Simon Sinek  .  Videos  .  The games  .  Articles  .  Quotes

(Notes are shown in Notebook 1, from page 88 – 109)