Simon Sinek

Having looked into options and trying to find a foothold for my in-depth research on consequences, I fell upon this gentleman who seemed to have said a fair few speeches that made sense with some areas I was interested in following related to the topic.

He appeared on my feed when I had looked into videos and speeches that related to the theme ‘consequences’, upon reflecting I realised he helped shape my refined search on selected sub-topics.

Simon Sinek is a motivational speaker and a consultant for marketing. Being an author for a series of books, he speaks openly and sheds a fair bit of brutal light on some subjects.

From one of his speeches, I got the following notes:


This is relevant for me as I fall under this generation category and sadly can see where he has got his notes from…

This speech I went through was about Millennials, and in their work places of today, with their social media addictions. He mentions that this generation is a failed one and sadly it isn’t completely their faults but four things faults, they are the following, followed by a rough explination:


Being told that they are special endlessly, that they are aslo able to have anything they want in life. The children upgrades in the educational system because of parents coming in and complaining, as well as getting better grades because simply the teachers didn’t want to have to deal with said parents. Things such as medals for coming in last also aided rubbing in salt to these opening wounds. These wounds, I mean the ones that are there when they leave the safety of their parents powers and enter life as an adult. They have lost themselves simply because of the lack of privilages that they got from their parents over their childhood timeline. This generation is good at adding filters onto their lives to hide their flaws and mental issues.
This isn’t their fault, but those who raised them.


Dopamean. This is addictive, it is what we experiance while we are smoking, drinking and gambling. Yet with those having restrictions, social media and its effects do not, as it is numbing. Dopamean is what we experiance when we get a like on Facebook, a favourite on Instagram, or a text from soeone. It molds and influences them and in the end is hardwired into their brains to hide away to a screen rather than face-to-face interaction. IT removes te needed experiance of actually interacting with people, learning to get the skills that are needed later down the line in life, if not learnt earlier than it beomes more challenging down the timeline.


We have removed all middle men from each situations in life really, watching a movie is the example, most will go online and watch it streamed rather than going and watching it in the movies or waiting for it to come out to own as a individual. instant gratification. You don’t have to learn the social behaviour, everything you want you are able to get instantaneously. Except for job sanctification and strength of relationships. They aren’t something you are get just right away.
In these areas, impact is one thing that takes time and people aren’t willing to wait for that. If you are struggling and cant ask for help, the effects are terrifying, with this generation there is an increase in the following after effects:

  • Worse case scenario:
    • Suicidal behaviour and suicide rates increase.
    • Accidental deaths due to drug overdose.
    • Increase of drop outs or absence due to depression.
  • Best case scenario:
    • A entire generation that will go through life without truly finding joy.
    • A lack of fulfilment in work and life.

If you got stranded on the road and the company you had called said it was a bad situation but also wasn’t able to provide you with a lift, yet in your journey (lets say home, and its 2 hours away, and your family are on holiday), how many friends will you have that are truly willing to drive all that way to get you in your time of need?

Finally, Environment:

So with all commented on before, when placed into a big end job, they aren’t cared for. The companies care for the numbers and gains rather than down the line and the employees. They remove the chance of gaining something real for themselves, the skills, the gain of confidence or even gain life of fulfilment away from technology. Then the people blame themselves. Not that the companies are all at fault or they simply got raised wrong. They are trying to overcome it without anyone really caring. It is the lack of good leadership that is going on.




(Shown in Notebook 1, page 89 – 91)