Phase 3

Phase three explained:

Phase three is the second to final stage in the progress towards the first major hand in, this is where I am to come up with ideas, play and test in different ways. By doing these things I should be able to hopefully create something that is able to aid me down the line of my later stage create phase during term two, as well as the GDD I will be creating.


Within this stage I will be trying to figure out how I can create simple test ideas for people to try out, as well as play other games that may have relevance towards my progress. Thankfully throughout each of the weeks we are able to meet people who have experience within the industry and they can shed light on some of the things I have either not yet considered, or should be looking into. Things like games that no one else had thought of as a example, or people to look into that could be relevant towards my workload.


Ideas  .  Games  .  Tests


I am excited but nervous about this stage simply because I openly know that If I was stronger with my Unity skills I most likely wouldn’t have the troubles that I am going to face with creating prototypes. Yet I will then have to think of different ways that I can create something that could be on par with any prototype that I could of wanted. Different methods and different creations, such as questionnaires or simple put them together picture games. I feel like I should keep trying with Unity down the line, despite knowing that during my time now I will not be able to use it to the full potential that I wish I could use it.