During this stage I am to play other games, create game ideas myself, attempt a play test if possible and gain results that will aid my final decision at the end of the phases. These are the following game ideas that I came up with (a rough explanation), to allow more understanding as to which is which, I will name them by ‘Theme’ rather than what sort of game they actually are.

For each game idea I have created, I have completed a “Actions to consider if selected” page to aid my progress at a later date for any of the ones selected.

They are the following:

  • Dementia.
    • (Shown in Notebook 1, pages 110 – 111)
  • Fantasy Politics.
    • (Shown in Notebook 1, pages 112 – 113)
  • Limited Survival.
    • (Shown in Notebook 1, pages 116 – 117)
  • Selection of Destruction.
    • (Shown in Notebook 1, pages 118 – 119)
  • Body Time-line.
    • (Shown in Notebook 1, pages 120 – 121)
  • Bullying.
    • (Shown in Notebook 1, pages 122 – 123)
  • Mafia.
    • (Shown in Notebook 1, pages 124 – 125)
  • War for Freedom.
    • (Shown in Notebook 2, pages 31 – 32)
  • Cult.
    • (Shown in Notebook 2, pages 33 – 34)
  • Curiosity.
    • (Shown in Notebook 2, pages 35 – 36)
  • Money.
    • (Shown in Notebook 2, pages 37 – 38)
  • Family and War.
    • (Shown in Notebook 2, pages 45 – 46)


With each of these ideas I not only considered the audience, but platforms; my objective was to create a wide variety of options to select from or make them clean enough that I could convert if possible to another platform if found to be better off on something else than originally designed.

With the lack of boundaries for my chosen subject (consequences), I wanted to have it put into play where it would be considered a mechanic rather than just something that comes along. The objective is to have it as a mechanic, I will try to achieve this, but if it isn’t possible I will try and make it something very important within the game-play itself.