For my phase 3, I did a physical play test and one digital. As I was sure as to how I was going about actually making play tests with a very strong lack of coding skills, I had to look at other ways to go about actually creating my tests.

Physical test:

We played ‘consequences’. The picture version to be exact. I grabbed 3 other students and told them the very basic rules of how it would come to play. We would all draw one stage of the body, with each having an alternative coloured pen to allow us to know the difference in who draw what. And rotated it clockwise after say 2 minutes. Of course this meant folding the image only showing a simple line to allow the next person to start from. One all complete we opened them up and signed our originals.

With this I told them that you are limited to a time frame, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun with your creations, meaning you can be as silly or as out there as you fancy. For example a paper bag with holes in as the head (I believe I did this). I was not fazed on the point of someone drawing a character they enjoyed as this is a simple sketch game that people would play during their primary school years for fun.

I had actually also considered doing this larger scaled and having people fill in a questionnaire at the end of each group I did it with. This time round I was considering doing it themed. Sadly this didn’t progress.

Digital version:

I had made a play test of one of the games that I had designed, written up and had actually made around 2 different versions of it. I had tried getting it out with a questionnaire system to allow for multiplier choice options for alternative results. It didn’t work out at all and I had to be present to explain the results.

Second attempt was with the program MarvelApp.

I enjoyed it at the start but in the end I didn’t. I couldn’t actually get it to work with the multiple choice ending despite producing all the pages.

This is my result:


As you play you will realize that you are hindered from actually clicking some of the characters, this is because I wasn’t able to figure out a way to actually allow all the options within the day I had learnt the system and produced. I believe I might of been able to do it if given more time but sadly time was not on my side at this stage.

I had created a large amount of pages, and sadly a lot didn’t come into use…


Though I really did enjoy creating the randomly put together character designs. Please play and enjoy my very simple version of my test.

I am of course disappointed that I hadn’t actually been able to complete anymore tests or any that worked as well as I had hoped, but this is something I would/could learn at a later date.