Phase 4

Phase four explained:

Phase four is where I am going to be going through the stages of ‘GDD’, play testing and other games to help build up all needed build up towards the final product. It’s something that will take time as it is involving a lot of like the previous stage, prototyping and testing out things we have done with mechanics, etc.


This stage despite down as only taking 2 weeks on the record here, this does not take into account of the extra work that sadly I feel like I am going to face with the fact I have struggled with selecting which game idea I wanted to follow out of the three I presented.

With help from asking with advise from friends around me, as well as other students, I came to grasp more understanding which of the game ideas I was going to select. This amusingly was more difficult than imagined, and even now I am still unsure as to if I have picked the correct one.

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I had refined it down to two out of the three games presented to the class, even now, I feel like I have fallen into the simple thing of getting rather attached to a game idea.

This is the reason I have picked the one I have, because I can retract myself from it and allow for endless alterations to ensure improvement down the line.