This is where my notes on each aspect of the game are going to be placed, each being hyperlinked into different sections and will be edited in stages of progress. The indication of divide and editing would be through the means of one of these:

As well as a ‘Edit 1’ indication.

This is done for the progress to be visual for anyone to read, to be able to allow others to understand and see the stages in which I have done the work.

Mechanics  .  Visuals  .  Tests

These are the main areas in which the game would fall under, the reasoning for the lack of Rules section is simply because that would also fall under ‘mechanics’, and the GDD will also have all forms of relevant information present within it.

They will be shown throughout most notebooks and will be indicated on information like all other posts. Each edit done on each page of notes will also show where the notes have been completed and allow better connections.

Edit 2:

I have added the following sub-pages as I have altered a few things.

Theme  .  Marketing  .  Time line

The reasons in which I have created these are for an array of things that I have to consider. I have brought in external companies to help me with my work, example the company CGC Winchester to promote and obtain play testers from the public to actually test out my game for me. I wanted to do this because to it would be silly of me to not utilize the facilities that are actually in front of me as well as available.