Test results

Please look at Phase 4 > Notes > Tests to understand the stages that I will be doing, this page will be a way to link out the tests that I complete and allow for myself to be able to go through my page results and keep track of the two terms of income and outcomes.

This will cover both my mechanics test and progressively the overall game-play testing that works along side the work and trials of my mechanics.

Tests.1  .  Tests.2

I realise that this page has very little information on it, so I will explain.

The page is mainly to allow you to be able to move to the actual pages where I am recording the information of the actual tests – in both results and note form. I will be trying to also consistently keep a photo of proof to show the actual play of test.

‘Test.1’ is in reference to term one and ‘Test.2’ is in reference to the tests that I will be doing during the second term of university.

Another thing to note, as I have mentioned on the page ‘ Tests ‘ (same one indicated above) I will indicate in which point in my stages system I am with each test. Meaning I will have a text at the beginning of each with a indication as to which one is which at which point I am standing at. As an example: