The artwork that is fitted into this section is connected to things such as Cards.

The designs of them have been considered and the options have to be along the lines of not too overwhelming. This is because as it is a children’s game, you don’t want to remove too much attention from something we are trying to achieve, which is the reading of the information upon the cards.


Symbols Concepts  .

Having to create a series of symbols for the following things:

Nature  .  Water  .  Earth  .  Tools  .  Shelter

(Shown notebook 5, pages 150 – 154)

Then after a smaller questionnaire which symbols would be connected to the playable God’s and Goddesses, the following are:

Lightening Bolt  .  Peacock Feather  .  Fire  .  Wheat  .  Trident  .  Staff

(Shown Notebook 5, pages 155 – 160)

The visuals for the 6 playable Gods are presented here, and fully coloured:

The consistent colours had been that of their clothing, and accent pieces such as golden features and then finally their pillar bases.

Information of colour is provided in Notebook 5, pages 170 – 171.

Influential people, these are the people who would be on a specialised deck compared to the resource deck (you should be able to hopefully see which are connected to the playable Gods/Goddesses, and which are resources), as there is a large number towards this deck it was something that took a long period of time to have them all come out within the same rough style aesthetic. The colour pallets wouldn’t range, but their interesting and cartoon style would amuse the children into interest. Rather than overwhelming them with the normal serious style that I am accustomed to doing.

Influential Designs  .