Despite the fact this is a holiday, I am planning on collecting first hand research of things related to the Greek empire. This would mean that I am in need for collecting destinations that I may be visiting, depending on their distances also means that I may be unable to attend them all. Though if some are within a close distance of a clump, then it makes sense for me to attend as many of those as I can. Thankfully my partner is willing to put up with my research drive and is also partly invested/interested in these sites.

The sites I have found currently that show of interest, they may not hold complete relevance towards the six playable Gods/Goddesses, but it is still research that I may hope to have in referral towards my final choices with design appearance.

Using Google Maps to collect the following print screens:

Personally I think I would be creating small written blog posts of each day I do something research related, no point in doing the days where I am actually resting… Also I would be planning on doing a decent amount of artwork/sketches and taking pictures.


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