Life drawing

I have begun realising that I need to recap upon my human drawing skills, if I feel comfortable with the images I am producing then I will increase my drawing options.

There is a weekly available hour session provided at the university, I will attend this and look at doing some possibly in my own time at alternative dates. I will post images of the drawings I do on here, or inform of the page numbers to books. I will make a over all reflective review on each of these sessions, just to pay attention to my progress as a whole.

Another thing I have seen to involve myself in was to ask my house mate if I could attend a dance class that she partakes in and do live action drawing. Seems difficult but is something to look into. Movement is something that I personally haven’t covered much with in drawing, so this could be a way for me to get a start with it.


(Shown in Notebook 5, Pages 40 – 43)


(Shown in Notebook 5, pages 42 – 43)