With the questionnaires I plan on having covered some things that I am unable to obtain without actually collecting some form of information from the public. It makes sense for a fair few of the things that I will be using them for, this is for example… Is there an interest in games that teach history. or what visual style is most appealing for the key-stage 2 audience.

These are things that I should be looking into that I may of not considered last term.

Using the site :

Questionnaire one:

Questions are the following:

  • For my third year project the audience is targeted at mostly Key Stage 2 students. What art style do you believe will be most attractive to this age group? (7-11)
  • Which subjects did you enjoy the most while you had been in school?
  • During your study in History, did you cover Ancient Greece?
  • During your study in History, did you cover Ancient Egypt?
  • During your study in History, did you cover the Roman Empire?
  • If you could of selected which empires you could of studied, which ones would of most interested you
  • If you could learn history by playing a game, would you?

Released via Facebook on 16-02-2018 @ 19:26. Ended on 10-03-2018 @ 17:46 with 95 responses (shown results with image below).


Results concluded:


* Reasoning for question 6 to be done in this graph like manner:

The main ones that had appeared consistently more than others had to be noted down, as for the other category, that would be where there was odd ones out that hadn’t been repeated more than twice – unless those who had claimed all effected the vote.

With these results I can see in which order of interest most would find the subject of empires, as Greek is in the top 3 from the over all individual results I am happy to know that I am at least covering something that there is an interest in. Roman empire would be the stronger point in call but that could be the next project after this present one with the Greek empire.

I am glad that I have done this, but not very pleased that I had to consider asking the first question, the reason I ended up asking it was just to see how people visually had a preference towards when it came to younger people. This will not completely effect how I draw the boards designs, but it will be noted that certain design aesthetics must be met.

Time to prepare for the next questionnaire…

Second questionnaire:

The second one is to select the final form of symbols that would represent the playable Gods/Goddesses of the game, the colours are another thing in which I will personally cover, so thankfully I just need to see which one would match up with which God/Goddess.

The order and symbols I have presented are the following:

  • Zeus
    • Thunderbolt
    • Eagle
    • Aegis
  • Hera
    • Peacock feather
    • Cow
    • Lion
  • Poseidon
    • Horse
    • Dolphin
    • Trident
  • Hestia
    • Fire
    • Hearth
    • Alter
  • Hades
    • Staff
    • Screech owl
    • Pomegranate
  • Demeter
    • Sheaves of wheat
    • Turtle dove
    • Cornucopia